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M. MacVittie Consulting





Led by a recently retired senior leader of U.S. Customs and Border Protection with over 34 years of experience. Partnering with industry experts and stakeholders in a number of fields, our team leverages extensive expertise in complex cross border security, trade and travel. We provide innovative solutions centered on risk-based management. Let us assist you in coaching your teams, bolstering your efficiency, improving your security posture as well as capitalizing on the application of new technology to your operations. 


Our teams hands-on experience includes:

International trade and travel logistics

Cross border brokerage and transportation

Customs and Border Protection compliance and tariff review 

Security and risk-based management 

Innovation and application of new technology

​Management alignment, coaching, and mentoring

Public and media engagement

Integrity, professionalism, confidentiality, and value for service define our mission.

With a legacy of operational excellence and forward-thinking solutions, you're partnering with seasoned experts committed to providing effective results. 


M MacVittie Consulting
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